Heem means strength in Korean. Heem Publication is a call to discover ours together through mental health.

About me

Hi! I’m Andrew Yang. As a former pastoral counselor, MFT student, and therapy client, I am deeply passionate about mental health.

How frequently do you publish?

Once a week.

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If you subscribe to Heem, this is the minimum of what you can expect:

  • A framework for approaching Emotional Debt

  • Anecdotes that touch on relationships, culture, faith, and most importantly our humanity

  • Coaching of tools and exercises that have worked for me

  • A community built to listen

  • Featured stories and questions from fellow subscribers

  • Exclusive content for paid subscribers (Coming Soon)

This is what you should NOT expect:

  • Therapeutic services

  • A complete exploration of a mental health topic and the many nuances behind it

  • That what works for me will always work for you

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